A poem I wrote to accompany the 2015 exhibition.

Margot A. LoudonNon classé

I also decided to reflect my thoughts on the sad fate of Eurydice in this short poem, with a less than romantic tone.


The stupid fool, he looked back, lost his head.

I could have killed him,

But I was once more dead.


I crossed a river swollen with grief,

Crossed another flowing fast

With lost remembrances of life.

Then I remembered who walked before me

His back always to me.


I crossed by the dog drugged by song.

Its three heads were blind to me

Step by step, note by note, pulse by pulse

I felt the world return for me

Upwards, upwards.

He looked back, lost his head, the stupid fool,

An artist, he never could follow a rule.

Downwards, downwards, downwards.