New Works

Niobe, oil on canvas 120 x 80 cms. Niobe made the mistake of insulting Leto, the mother of the god Apollo and his sister Artemis, not least that Leto had only two children while she Niobe had fourteen. To punish this boast, Apollo and Artemis killed her fourteen children, and in her grief Niobe was turned to stone. This painting and the following two, Slings and Arrows and All Tears, reference the Niobe myth.

Deucalion, oil on canvas 100 x 50 cms. Deucalion was the Greek Noah and after the flood he and his wife Pyrrha to repopulate the earth covered their heads and threw stones over their shoulders which became either men or women. .

A series of smaller abstracts reference the Jason myth (previously alluded to in the Clashing Rocks)