In my paintings, prints and drawings, I invite the viewer to enter an imaginative, often ambiguous, space, and interrogate my work to find its meaning for them. My passionate interest in ancient cultures, their art, religion, and mythology, inform my creativity but with relevance to today, making my work both traditional and contemporary.   

Form, line, texture, and mark-making interact allowing for the unexpected to emerge. My paintings explode with sensuous hues offering rhythmical and poetic structures in both my figurative and more abstract works. My prints reinvent received iconography.


1996-2002: École des Arts Anderlecht (evenings), complemented by summer courses including Edinburgh College of Art and The Slade, London.


February-March 2020: The Green Door Gallery exhibition, virtual exhibition
September 2019: solo “Time’s Toppling Wave” l’Harmonium, Brussels
September 2017: solo “Sic Transit…”, l’Harmonium, Brussels.
September 2015: solo Reflexions on a Myth, l’Harmonium, Brussels.
October 2005: solo The Invisible in the Image, Crabble Corn Mill, Dover.
June 2000: works included in Axion Art 2000, Brussels.

Atelier view