Margot A. Loudon invites you to the vernissage of “Time’s toppling wave” at l’Harmonium.
Vernissage 6 Sept. 2019

Margot A. Loudon Exhibition

I am pushing further into abstraction, but the viewer may detect elements from Mycenaean culture. So impressed were the ancients by the ruined walls of the Mycenaean city of Tiryns, that they speculated on the intervention of giants. But the walls fell, were mostly dismantled, and often reused. For me, it is a metaphor of changing times, a theme infusing ...

Margot A. Loudon invites you to the vernissage of “Sic Transit…” at l’Harmonium.
Vernissage 8 Sept. 2017

margot Exhibition

In the work shown here, I push further the pleasure I take in the interaction of vibrant colour and painterly texture. Pared-down shapes in the composition recall solid architectural forms  but fragment and dissolve, teasing the eye. Physical decay and destruction of great historic monuments as time passes are implied and at a deeper level I feel the paintings also ...

Margot A. Loudon invites you to the vernissage of Reflections on a Myth at l’Harmonium.
Vernissage 4 Sept. 2015

margot Exhibition

I love colour and texture in paint, am inspired by ancient statuary, and am interested in myths which have been fashioned and refashioned to the tastes of succeeding generations. In this exhibition I have brought these together to reflect on the story of Orpheus-- shaman, the husband of Eurydice whom he lost twice over, musician who could move the stone-hearted ...