City Ruins

I am fortunate to have enjoyed visits to many ruins of the ancient world, Palmyra and Apamea in happier times, and other sites across the Middle East and Europe. Mighty pillars, porticoes and pediments have been my starting points for this series, but their solidity and power become fragmented, dissolved and ambiguous in the making and unmaking of the image, reflecting the physical ravages of time and history, and at another level of expression, the uncertainties and evolutions of today.

  • Disruption
  • Temple
  • Quo Vadis (small) - Oil on canvas 40x60cm
  • Colonnade - Oil on canvas 40x60cm
  • Colonnade 2 - Oil on canvas 40x60cm
  • Colonnade 3 - Oil on canvas 40x60cm
  • Gateway - Oil on canvas 40x60cm
  • Tower Tomb - Oil on canvas 50x60cm
  • Zenobia R.I.P. - Oil on canvas 40x50cm
  • Dawn in Palmyra - Oil on canvas 40x50cm
Sic Transit... - Oil on canvas 90x90cmThe Great Colonnade - Oil on canvas 120x60 cm